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China introduces new rules for administration of interdisciplinary courses******

BEIJING, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- China's Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council has put into effect, on a trial basis, new rules for the setting up and management of inter-disciplines involving university courses and research programs.。

The new regulations stipulate that to institute a new interdisciplinary course, there should be an urgent yet stable need for talent with expertise in that discipline.。

Besides, institutions of higher education should have a competent teaching team and solid academic foundation to launch interdisciplinary programs, according to the rules. Enditem。


Feature: We can see the world more clearly than ever with 8K UHD video******

BEIJING, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- The intricacies of nature are brought right into your home when they are recorded on 8K ultra-high-definition (UHD) video.。

As video data surges in the internet era, people are constantly seeking higher resolutions and new challenges for coding performance and compression efficiency are emerging.。

Developed by the research team that recently won the State Technology Invention Award, the 8K UHD video decoding technology compresses video data and restores it through terminal equipment, making videos clearer.。

Gao Wen, a professor at Peking University and leader of the research team, has compared video decoding to buying a tank of fish. The traditional decoding method is like bringing the whole tank home. The new technology, instead, packs the water and fish separately and discards unnecessary water before transport.。

To bring the new technology from innovation to industry, the team has overcome hurdles including studying and evaluating technical routes and establishing technical standards, Gao said.。

The team has established a complete industrial chain for UHD video, from technical standards to chip terminals and system applications.。

Over the past three years, the technology has brought a sales growth of approximately 7.1 billion yuan (about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars) to leading Chinese TV manufacturers including Skyworth and Hisense.。

The new technology is also promising to boost industries such as intelligent transportation and intelligent medicine.。

Since the program was launched nearly 20 years ago, the research team has obtained 118 patents and published two monographs and 105 academic papers.。

The team will also upgrade the technology for VR and other terminal devices in the future to maintain its core competitiveness in its field. Enditem。








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